Benefits of Rotation Beds

Benefits of Rotation Beds

Posted by Tom Swalm on May 29th 2024

If you are in the market for a specialty bed for an aging loved one, you may have come across rotating bed models from companies like Med-Mizer, Star Sleep, and Journey Healthcare.  These beds can be a great alternative to traditional home care hospital beds.

When caring for an aging loved one at home one topic that is often unfortunately overlooked is the impact on the family caregiver.  Transferring a loved one of bed each day can put you at risk of injury.  Rotation beds from the companies listed above can offer benefit for both the patient and the caregiver.  Let's look at a few of these models a little closer so you can better understand if these beds might be a good for your situation.

Med-Mizer Active Care:

The Active Care bed is the original rotating bed.  It is a premium quality product that offers a huge list of upgrades and options.  Options include choosing the mattress type best suited to your specific needs, different side and assist bar options, and two different sizes to better accommodate those who require a bit more space.  Additionally at the time of this blog, it is the only bed option that has the ability to perform high-low functionality.  With such incredible versatility and the ability to truly customize the features, this bed will almost surely meet your needs, but those options to come at a price and this is without question the most expensive product on the list.  For those who require a specialty mattress and high-low capability it is both a staff and customer favorite.

Journey Healthcare Independence Bed:

The Independence bed has risen in popularity over the past few years.  It offers a straightforward package that has some great features that truly appeal to customers.  This bed is the only one in the group that does not have the split mattress design.  While some customers feel this makes the bed slightly more difficult to exit as the patient needs to slide down just a bit to make contact with the floor, there are positives to this design as well.  It is the only bed in this category that does not require specialty sheets.

Star Sleep Orin Bed:

The Orin bed is a newer product that is quickly rising in popularity as it has broken from tradition and offers a true luxury design.  With upholstered head and foot boards, integrated heat and air chamber massage integrated into the mattress and side rails included and no additional charge.  This bed has truly been a stand out this year.

Which bed is best for you?

If you need high low and a specialty wound mattress:  Winner Med-Mizer Active Care

Hassle free simplicity with purchasing replacement sheets:    Winner Journey Healthcare Independence Bed

Looking for luxury and included perks like heat and massage:  Winner Star Sleep Orin Bed