How to Pick a Home Hospital Bed

How to Pick a Home Hospital Bed

Posted by Tom Swalm on May 1st 2024

At MedEquip Health we understand that there is no one size fits all when it comes to home medical equipment.  For this reason we offer a variety of products in each category.  We do not want to drive you to a particular product but instead want to find out your needs and preferences and present you with the options best designed to your expectations.

When looking at a home hospital bed there are several questions we will ask to ensure we are appropriately guiding you to the options that make sense for your family.  Questions like:

Is your loved one a fall risk?

Is the bed going into a residential home or a senior living community?

What is the height and weight of the user?

Do they have dementia and do you require lockout capabilities on the controls?

Do they have COPD and require advanced clinical positioning?

Many of these questions may be topics you have not yet considered as you begin your search for right bed for yourself or your loved.  Understanding your unique situation will help our team make the correct product suggestions.  

Once you have selected your bed frame you have to then determine the appropriate mattress to pair with your new bed.  Important questions to consider:

Is your loved one incontinent?

Do they currently have a wound or a history of pressure injuries or skin tears?

Is sweating or yeast an issue?

Do you need a group one or group two surface or perhaps pone that can be converted to a group two in the future?

Why are medical grade mattresses typically firmer than store bought mattresses and how does the level of immersion factor into the benefits of the mattress?

What is low air loss and do you need it?

The reality is that pressure ulcers can be incredibly painful and create situations that could force your loved one into a skilled nursing facility if proper preventative and treatment methods are not well understood.

Our goal is not to sell you a product but to guide you to the products best suited to your needs.  We accomplish this by asking the right questions and ensuring we really listen to and understand your answers and your budget.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and your family and to offering a level of customer satisfaction not found with other online retailers.